Keep Walking

Student Frank pointed this one out to me, it makes for a great reference piece. In particular I like the second pair of feet you see, its a woman's feet in high heals, walking away in perspective. There is a subtle twist on the ankle as she pushes off on each step. Madness! The compositing is pretty amazing too. As always, a top shelf piece from Gobelins.

Thanks Frank.


Frank said...

Hi Ian

I didn't notice the twist in the ankle. I'll have to watch it again.

I just watched the Michael Dudok de Wit film "The Aroma of Tea" and thought of Cassie wanting to animate a ball for the moving to music assignment.

Lisa said...

if you can Frank, watch his other films as well. The Monk and The Fish, and Father and Daughter are two excellent ones as well.

Frank said...
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Frank said...

Hi Lisa

Yeah, thanks. I've seen both those, but no worries watching them again.

I saw Father and Daughter at an Ed Hooks Acting for Animators seminar put on by Queensland Animators last time he was in Brisbane. And Monk and the Fish, we used for a colour exercise this year.

It's ll beautifully thoughtful. I partcularly like the way the monk moves around and the representation of water movement using lines.

Frank said...

Looking at the legs in sneakers and stripy socks in the shot just before the high heels, I can see the difference. The heels are very believable. Wow! How did the animator see that.

We need observational training.

I also now can see that the weight comes down the leg as the foot percieves the contact with the ground. Like a slinky ring's rings all catching up with each other as they 'walk' down a set of steps.

And the perception, placing and taking of weight, even though a reflex for adult bipeds, almost has it's own consciousness when an animator chooses to animate below the knees. The legs become the characters.

Yeah, great, thanks for pointing things out.