The Golden Compass

I don't know much about this movie, but it sure looks pretty. Especially the giant polar bear.


Sophie Wise said...

Oooh oooh oooh!!!! SOOOOOO excited about this movie. Its based on my favourite books ever. Terry these are the books that I was going to do my comic book on last semester. I was anxious about the animation cos it involves animals changing shape, but looks like they've done a good job.

frank said...

I can understand Sophie's excitement.

Have just arrived home from seeing the Golden Compass.

It's been panned by the bean counters who judge movies on the successfulness of their marketing and gross takings. But the scrooges don't ever seem to actually watch the film.

The list of animation companies that collaborated in the titles is very impressive. The mix between live action and animation was convincing.

The animation of the daemons (the animal familiars) and the polar bears was very impressive. The acting of the animated creatures was throroughly convincing.

Definitely worth a look and it would be great to see some comments and opinions from other animators.

The ending is a bit downbeat after a battle scene that would rival "300" or "Transformers" (I think I dislocated my eye again), but it is an obvious set up for the sequel.