Well I herd today that yet another old friend and coworker of mine Andrew has joined there Krome fold. They are still advertising positions for senior animators and I must admit to feeling a little pear pressure. snu?!?!

That aside the great thing is that the reel Andy used to get the job is up on youtube so you can see exactly what it takes to get a job with Krome.

Things to note include:

  • No mucking about and get to the point, don't waist time setting the scene or being cleaver about how you link things together, if you're there to show them animation then that's what you show em.
  • Give them what they want to see first. Andrews 2D work is super impressive and just between you and me I think he would be prouder of much of it, but I think he knew they would want to see the 3D first. It takes brain over ego power to put your sentimental favourite towards the end of the reel, or to even leave it out because its not relevant at this point in time.

This is all done with free download rigs and models I think, which is a bit different to what I suggest a graduate should do. Andrew has years of impressive animation experience behind him, he is obviously a specialist. If you're fresh out of collage I think it would be good to include at least one character that you made yourself.

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Anonymous said...

man ohhhhhhhh man is that an awesome showreal. That guys worked on pretty much every cool character ever.

Also I just forund out that cartoon network are releasing Dexters Lab, Cow and Chicken and Johny Bravo to dvd soon.!!! WOOO!

Now if Nickelodian would release some old school cartoons (ahh real monters, angry bevers, rockos etc...)