I wonder how many of you were reading blogs about animation back when John K (creator of Ren and Stimpy) started his blog all kinds of stuff, it was a great time for anim blogs. The place was awash with Disney and Family Guy fans and John K came charging in with a fresh point of view, controversial statements about what made "good" animation and plenty of witty insightful observations about the modern animation industry.

Perhaps it was too good to last, John is so cynical and negative about the modern biz that it saps your strength to read and in order to find useful info you have to read through mountains of outright unconstructive complaining. I'm afraid to say I hardly go there anymore.

But I make a point of having something positive in every post (have you noticed), so I'm happy to say I have found a new blog that kind of fills the void for me. Ironically the Eddie of Uncle Eddies Theory Corner is a friend of John Ks, and I love his blog. He uses old pictures (some relevant and some not) to punctuate his "theories". Sometimes they're about acting, character or just something weird. I love it.

My favourite post so far was this one about what makes a good story that he has played out by some classic actors of days gone by.

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Clayton said...

I really love and hate john k. Well I dont hate him but he irratates me... yet he gives so much awesome animation 'stuff'.