3D, 2D backgrounds and live action are combined in this not so subtly evironentaly themed alien tale.


Frank said...

Sycamore - don't see many of those.

I thought there was good use of sound elements in there - the ultrasonic heartbeat bleeding into the stuka dive bomber screaming aeroplane noise near the start. Nice use of silouhette, and muted colours for the industrial technological evil. The over cooked 1960's hallucinagenic palette for the hippy tree hugging human could possibly have had more thought put in to actually imitate beauty, but it was effective in portraying the youth and innocence of the saviour. It would appear that the film suggests our waste should become space junk?

Now a proper question: was it done by a student? There was some reference to academic advisors in the credits.

Ian said...

It apears that it won best animated film in a student film festival. So it must have been a student.