Southbank Man

Well for almost half a year now I have been plugging away at a new rig for Maya. I'm calling him Southbank Man and I'm giving him away for free to anyone who is interested. He is going to be available for download via the Downloads window on the right side of the blog.

He probably still has a few quirks that need addressing, let me know if there is anything in particular and I'll fix em when I can (or if I can).

If you unzip the folder into your C drive then he should open up with the texture on and everything.

If you don't have Maya at home yet you can download the free personal learning edition from the Autodesk site here.
Enjoy :)


Lisa said...

Hey Ian, looks like he's not backwards compatible, huh? I"ve got Maya 7 and it wouldn't open it. :-( ah well..

Ian said...

Yeah, nothing saved in Maya & (accept a plain mesh) is backwards compatible from what I can tell. Thanks to the good people at Autodesk.

Heidi said...

looks like you Ian.