Un Amour Mobile

So often the simpler you keep things the better they are. This is nice.


Frank said...

I liked this film.

I'm not so sure that it is simple. Maybe not detailed on first impression but yields a complexity on further research.

The music build throughout is a nice emotional carrier.

A well planned original concept (the mobile) with a good solid premise (attraction).

I'm a sucker for hoping "people" will get it together, even when fate intervenes.

Yeah good one, this one.

I wonder how people like Ian McKinnon make a living. It's hard to live off art, not very physiologically nutritious despite being psychologically so.

Ian said...

Simple concept I meant (should a said that). Technically there is some insane stuff going on.

It is hard to see how these people get by, often they don't the Jib Jab guys (brothers) were living in their mothers basement for the first few years of thier online life.