The 11 Second Club

There used to be a site called the Ten Second Club, where animators from all over the world would download the same dialogue clip (up to 10 secs long) and animate a character to it in one month. Some of the contributors where supposedly high end animators from the likes of Pixar and Disney, the results were very cool at times. It closed down some time ago, but Friend of the Blog Matt in San Fran has pointed out to me that a new one has opened called The 11 Second Club. I think this would be especially great for second years working on show reels, a month is a good time frame for a clip considering what you should be aiming to achieve in the rest of the year, and the deadline for the competition might give you some extra motivation. If you register you can watch the example entries on the front page. Check it out.


Sam said...

Even if you don't want to enter, the resources section has links to the best free character rigs you're likely to find.

The only notable rig I can think of that's not on that list is The Andy Rig.

Ian said...

COOL, I didn't notice that Sam. Ta!