Rowlf and Fozzie

I found one of my all time favourite Muppet's clips on Youtube today. This is Frank Oz (Fozzie) and Jim Henson (Rolf) with a little piece of old school comedy genius. The timing for the jokes is perfect, the acting fantastic. Watch for the Psychological gesture when Rolf joins in playing at the same time as Fozzie for the first time. Its easy for him at that stage (when the song is still slow) so he can put an elbow up on the corner of the piano and rest while playing. Fozzie on the other hand is a beginner and has to concentrate, his Line Of Action is curled over forward and his eyes focused on the keyboard. As we progress he gets more confident, by the end he has straightened up and is looking around more (at the strings inside the piano). Its Brilliant! These guys are thinking about and applying the same tools that great animators do, but they don't have the luxury of a linetest, they have to do it in real time.

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