Another Trip to the Movies

The other day I intercepted a conversation between some 1st year students about going to see Spiderman next Wednesday, and since then Frank has mentioned it on the forum.

Jane and I have been looking for an excuse to take everyone on a field trip to Southbank so that we can point out where your class rooms will be next semester. So now we are hoping we can muscle in on the action and make it an actual official class excursion for both 1st and 2nd years. If we go to the Southbank Cinema then the new campus is just around the corner and we can go around there before or after the film and point out where we will be.

There are session times almost every hour but we haven't settled on a specific time yet, we will keep you posted. If your on a tight budget then save your penny's, its 4 bucks for a student ticket and the more the merrier :) As always friends of the blog and forum members are welcome too, although I know its hard for many of you to get away from work during the day.

Following on from the conversation I intercepted we talked a little about Bruce Campbell, and HERE is a recent interview I found with him. Or you can visit his official web site by clicking HERE. Its all good.

Remember SPIDERMAN - WED the 9th of May, Southbank Cinema. 4 Bucks for students. Time to be anounced!


Terry said...

I am so there!

sbitstudent said...

I knew they had the placed bugged.

Once we've seen the new campus, I'm sure Mitch, Chris, Stuart, Ian and Vince (2nd years) can take us on a tour of the Plough Inn.