La Vieille Dame et les Pigeons

Here is a real treat, The Old Lady And The Pigeons is an early short (20 mins) film from writer director Sylvain Chomet who made the classic Triplets Of Belleville in 2003. I must concede that I haven't managed to see the Triplets yet, but all those I know who have rave about it. Anyhow at least in the mean time I can enjoy this little gem. Chomet is currently working on a new film called the Illusionist.


Lisa said...

i know it's only a small thing but I love the part in Triplets where the piano player is playing near the beginning...His fingers are lovely to watch and they look like they've been xeroxed..all the rough linework kept in ...ahhhh 2d.

frank said...

Have you seen Triplets yet, Ian?

It got beaten by Nemo for an Oscar.

Shows how little the 'Academy' understand about animation.