Well as the Blog approached its first birthday its interesting to see themes re-occurring. As was the case when I started the blog this years first year group are about to start their "Character Moving to Music" exercise. Here are some fun examples, Honkbarn 1 and 2. Many of the basic principles in my notes are here, hitting repetitive poses on the beats, with occasional departures from the pattern so that "big" poses can be placed on the "hooks". Its all good

For any first years who just can't wait to start, the notes are available in the Character Animation blackboard course. You can log in from home.


Cassie said...

Intresting how all the character used sound in the way they did stuff, not the other way around. I like the new Dine cat food ad as they have the cat in time with the music, I can't get a hold of the ad online.. sorry ^^' just have a look next time you are watching tv

Anonymous said...

This Honkbarn animation is awsome!

Honkbarn said...

Thanks for the add guys!