Trip to the Movies

While we are embarrassing students with photos I thought I'd document that last Wednesday a few of us went to see TMNT after class. I tried to take a clearer picture of everyone at the cafe afterwards, but was experiencing technical difficulties.

The film was pretty average, both technically and dramatically. Worst thing for me was the computer game like modeling and cinematography, low poly stuff with photo like textures (mainly with the Background and props) and constant spinning camera moves. Mark O pointed out that perhaps that kind of thing is intentional because it connects with the kids and I'm just getting old. This could be the case, but I want my cake and eat it too, they should be able to reference computer games without damaging the feeling of the film as a whole.

I was happiest when the turtles and just the turtles took center stage, from a character animation point of view they were a cut above. There were SO MANY other characters that I don't think they had any choice but to resort to broad cliches. I would have preferred less characters and more on the turtles, students pointed out after the film that Donatello only had about 4 lines in the whole thing.

Its the third film in the last 12 months that I thought had an amazing preview but left me feeling flat (Open Season, 300 and TMNT), I think I'll just stop watching previews (I loved Meet the Robinsons, and its preview was boring). Anyway, I think a good time was still had by all. In the next few weeks Jane and I are planning a field trip to the movies at Southbank so we can point out where your new class rooms will be next semester, stay tuned.


Ian said...

In a recent post Aaron commented that he didn't like something on the Blog. He was a bit tentative. Just let me state clearly, opinions are welcome and encouraged on this blog.

As long as you don't insult folks then feel free to express what you like, don't like, agree with or disagree with. BRING IT ON!

Terry said...

300 left you flat? You are not a man, Ian!

Ian said...

Hey your not alowed to disagree with me!........ oh hang on a mo.

Frank said...

As for TMNT...

It seems that humans created after 1970 have evolved the ability to watch all parts of a wide screen at once as everything is spinning around like the Gravitron. Me, I got a headache. Pronounced, "Hee-aid-archy!"

Unfortunately, as well, I got the feeling that the script writers thought they had a good story. It was pulp. They lost the juice somewhere. Like a juice vampire had snuck into the kitchen and sucked all the juice out of the story juicer.

Aaron said...

i thought i was the only person in the world that didnt like 300.
i spose ian and i are just girly men.