Easter Project 04

Couple more things I wanted to show about my new rig. First up comes the stretchy IK arms for "cartoony" stretch (to be used sparingly). There's a lot of maths involved in getting this to work. Dividing the current distance between the shoulder and IK controller by the standard distance between the shoulder and controller and then multiplying the length of each arm bone by the result. Confused? Don't stress, if its something you want to know more about I can show you in class.

Next up is the stretchy spline spine, you can position the chest or pelvis as you wish and the bones between adjust to suit. I did learn an even better way to achieve using a strip of polygons with hair follicles mounted on them (waaa!). I didn't use it here though because the EDU copy of Maya doesn't come with the hair plug in and I want this rig to work on the PCs at tafe.

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