A cool flash animation
set to Creep by
Radio Head.


Terry said...

That is unbelievably awesome.

Aaron said...

are we aloud to say we dont like things, coz i didnt like it

Terry said...

Sure you can say that Aaron. Just like I can say, "You've just failed every unit you'll ever do with me, Aaron."

Terry said...

But seriously, this is good... last year we had some good online debates over certain films. Bring on the dissenting views!

Ian said...

I wish people would comment (good or bad) more! So anything is good.

Frank said...

I was spending my Friday night watching the local hoons while I should have been working on my Animation History presentation (don't tell Jane).

But that Creep animation, I liked.

The story beside it is great and should be part of the animation like a Star Wars scrolling text.

I liked it despite the main character looking like half a banana levitating above his shoes.

I really liked the way the people appeared with their skeletons first.

That song would have been at the start of the EMO thing, which I haven't quite grasped yet because my life is so crap that I have to watch hoons*.

"I don't belong here"**

*sarcasm, **insomnia (damn chocolate energy drink!) I should be in bed