Victor Navone pointed out this cool website on his blog, if you go to the Application section and pick Level II from the top of the page then you can pick emotions from the right side if the screen and it shows you what muscles move to create the expression. A great reference site for animating or making your Blend Shapes in Maya.

click the pic for the link

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Frank said...

What a great resource.

Here I was thinking that I would use the mirror that busted off my pushbike when I backed the 'frickin Laser' into it in the garage, to work out facial expressions.

It's a bit creepy as well. Shades of Mary Shelley and people who runb their hands together and insanely boom out, "B-wu-HOR_HARHAR!". But then, I guess that's what the whole animation thing is about. We just don't get enough thunderstorms these days.

Yes, Aaron, people of my vintage name their cars. (full knowing that Aaron will never see this comment)