Are we going to Melbourne?

I've just started a thread on the forum about our possible trip to Melbourne in July to see the Pixar show at the Australia Center. If your one of the folk interested then drop by and get involved, its an extra thing outside of official Tafe so if its gona happen I will probably need some initiative from students in addition to whatever I can manage.
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Adele K Thomas said...

hey! Im going to the Pixar exhibition too.
Anyway, the reason I write is about ACCOMMODATION!
I couldnt get into your thread on it, so I thought Id mention it here. I stayed in melbourne when I was interning at BigKidz and they set me up at the Melbourne Hotel Bak Pak (changing to hotel discovery).
Its in the heart of the city, free breakfast/tea everymorning, internet, great staff, great facilitys. I stayed there for TWO WEEKS!
Anyway, I think it was great and staying there its across from the markets.
Good luck!

Ian said...

Hey Thanks Adele! I'll copy your text and pop it on the Forum. Probably couldn't post cus your not signes up for it.

Anyone can join the forum, but you have to go to the front page and hit the Join(free) button. Here is the address for the front page if you wanted it:

Thanks again for the info, its the best lead I have so far :) and its nice to know there are some industry folk out there reading.