Moving with the times.... or trying to.

Some students have informed me that chat rooms "are so last decade," and the chat room has kind of been working like a forum anyway. With people leaving messages for each other instead of all being at the same place at the same time. So I thought we would give a forum a go and see what happens. I do have my feers that with a forum running students will be less likely to post on the Students and friends page, but we will give it a go.
Follow this link and then click Join(free) to register, see ya there.
click the pic for the link
CORRECTION - Some folks have had troubles joining (and I can't figure out why right now) so I've set it to a public forum, meaning that you can post without joining. . . . . . . . . . . . sorry (grin)
CORRETION TO THE CORRECTION - All is good now, go back to plan A and Join before you start posting.


Lisa said...

it keeps telling me my confirmation code is incorrect...wha? there is no confirmation code on the registration page. :-(

Clayton said...


Same... I cant join cause of the confirmation code

Ian said...

Sorry guys

I can't figure out whats causing this :(, so (for now at least) I have just set it to a public forum. You should be able to use it without logging in at all now