Monday err Tuesday - Blogday

Well I'm going a bit off track today (I promise to get back on track for next weeks blog), this has nothing to do with animation really, but is a subject that seems to be close to the hearts of so many animators. Its a whole Blog devoted to Bruce Campbell (of Evil Dead fame).
Also check out this awesome commercial for Old Spice staring the man himself


Lisa said...

that old spice commercial makes me think of him in that tv series he made a little while ago....(can't remember the name). He stars as a 'rascal' that solves mysteries in a town and has a pretty girl as a sidekick/love interest. ...ah, "Jack of All Trades" that was it. If anyone sees that, he's pretty good in it :-)

Heidi said...

Looks like they used the lounge from the Old Spice Ad for the cover of his book "How to make love the Bruce Campbell way".

What a guy!