I Failed to Meet the Robinsons

As I trowed through the animation Internet gobldy-goop over the past few months, I could see there were plenty of folks who were getting excited about the upcoming Disney Release, Meet The Robinson's. I wasn't one of em, I already had it pegged as yet another schmaltzy unoriginal piece of pretty puff, which is how I would categorize almost all of Disney's animated films in recent times. Perhaps I underestimated how quickly we would see the the influence of John Lasseter, who reportedly insisted on some significant re-writing within his first few week working in the Mouse House. A visit to Rotten Tomatoes reveals that the story is impressing viewers. Did everyone hear that THE STORY in a Disney film is impressing viewers! Who would a thunk it?


Dan said...

schmultzy as it may be, it still had its charm that made it entertaining, could of been the various novel refrences and bits through it like Frank pointed out, the billboard in the background about mind takers or some crap, had the evil bowler hats in it, also the kids chest box thing had a character called cpt Time Travel and I loved the frank sinatra frog when they take that little hat away in the back of a Lincon. So absurd that movie, just reinforced my desire to be an animator even more.

Ian said...

I thought it was definately a step in the right direction for the Disney studio. One thing I was releaved about was that even though it was the first Disney feature to be released under the watchful eye of John Lasseter, it hadn't been changes so much as to be a try hard Pixar film. Theres no point in getting new management in if you just going to move out of one creative rut and into another. It apears that John is aware of that.

The story was original and fresh, as I watched the scenes with the vilan all I could think was, he would have been such a fun character to animate.