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Bored on a Sunday Arvo?!?!?
Why not drop by the forum, have a read and make a contribution. We've had over 100 posts in just over a week and there's plenty of stuff to see. Funny clips, and some interesting pictures. Here are some pics from a topic where people are sharing pictures of what their home workspace.
Also, now that the 1st years have learnt about some of the tools for improving animation drawings, keep an eye out for a new post to the Drawing Room. One of the second year students has been bold enough to donate a picture for everyone to critique so it should be interesting.


sbitstudent said...

An animator's Castle

Two days ago I said into the ether, "I shall build an animation studio in my garage." No goDs told me to do it or anything but it is a task of monolithic proportions.

So I said again, from the drawing board, "I shall build an animation studio in my garage!"

There was the faint scratchings of industrious pencils (and a plane landing).

Then a small voice from the fug of right brain exhaust fumes, "I... I... wish I had a garage."

And that's about it.

Anonymous said...

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