This one's for you, Ian... a beautiful animation test from Brad Bird's upcoming Pixar film RATATOUILLE...

And the latest on TOY STORY 3 and all things Disney and Pixar...


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Ian said...

This is great, it’s been interesting watching how it ended up on the net.

First I noticed it on another video site called Vimeo, I bookmarked it and said, "I'll post that tomorrow". When I came back it was gone!

Then I noticed it posted on another Blog from the Daily Motion video site, but it had been posted under some obscure name, so I couldn't find it when I searched the site. I'm guessing whoever posted it was trying to hide it from those who would make them take it down.

Now it has been posted on Youtube but with a big Ratatouille logo on the end that wasn't there before. I'm guessing someone at Disney or Pixar thought, "well the cats out of the bag now, we might as well milk some publicity out of it."

Perhaps the big corporations are slowly learning that the best way to use the internet to make money is spread the word as much as you can, instead of worrying about getting money every time someone looks or listens to their stuff.