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For the first years (and any sleepy second years who haven't been paying attention) you should check out the work from the Gobelins animation school in France. They are head and shoulders above any other educational institution. Over the past few years they have made some of the best short film around, and they're STUDENTS! A standard to aspire to me thinks.
Click HERE to visit their official site.
Or just enjoy this film I found from them on Dailymotion.

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Frank said...

Beautiful. I found the film very engaging. The main thing was that my curiosity was piqued by the old ladies standing in a 'druid's' circle. Something witchy and spiritual is going to happen. And then they start making crepes, just like grannies might feed a family. And just when I thought the eldest lady was commiting a human sacrifice after tasting the perfect crepe... ahh, yes, something unexpected happens. Great music and once again the language is international by using animation and not dialogue.