Close to home and worth a chat!

The Sydney Morning Herald has run some articles about Steve Baker in which they raise what they think is the issue of Steve's winning Tropfet film being a rip off of Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends (from Cartoon Network).

Its insane if you ask me!
But instead of me going on about it I thought I'd ask folks to drop by the SBIT Animation Chat Room and leave a thought on it. I don't know if we will manage a group all there at the same time, but you can use it like a notice board by logging in and posting a message.
Click HERE to goto the chat room
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and studentsbit as the password.

So why not drop by this weekend and let us know what you think. Are Blue imaginary friends off limits? What about Cowboys in hats, there are already films about them? Superheros who wear blue and red? Where dose it all end?