Monday is Blog Day!

Can there be a better way to kick of the year by having a gander at a fine Blog? Well actually I can think of many better ways to kick off a year, hang-gliding, eating a good butter chicken curry, sleeping in, winning lotto, etc etc.

This week’s blog is Eyeballs and Fishlips, its all about what Aardman are up to in the US, in particular the production of a US version of Creature Comforts. On the one hand I want to yell, “What’s the matter with you Americans?!?! Can’t you just watch the UK version like everyone else?!?!?!?” but on the other hand we get to see a whole bunch more animation. I bet the US version will end up on the sycophantic Australian commercial telly too, while the fantastic English one went unnoticed to many Australians on the ABC. Anyway (deep breath Ian…..), There are a whole bunch of clips from the upcoming US version on Vimeo, I’ll post a few here, but if you want to see more just go to the Vimeo site and do a search for Aardman there are well over 10 there and they are very nice.

And here is a bit of an Aardman flashback, Morph was on the telly when I was a wee fella, I had no idea who or what an Aardman was back then, but I liked it.

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