Keith Lango

Keith Lango's blog and tutorials web page is easily one of the best free resources for would be 3D animators on the net. In my opinion his tutorial on pose to pose 3D animation outlines the definitive technique for creating great 3D character animation with that old school 2D feel. Its the first item on the tutorials page and even through its a
bit wordy I highly recommend that you
Also its worth rummaging through the older posts on his blog (by hitting "next page" at the bottom) where you will find video clips of Keith at work and heaps of great tips and info for learning 3D animators (that's all of us really).
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clay said...

That guys a Christian and has worked on the (slightly dodgy) christian animations: Veggie tales... Which you may know of because the parodys from simpsons (mmmm Mosus) Also drawn together and spongebob have parody'd it.

Lisa said...

how the heck does he animate in Maya with a tablet pen...i can't get used to that. Looks like a great site though, i'l be checking it out.

Ian said...

Yes Clay, who would have thought you can be a Christain and a great animator at the same time ;) Theres hope for you yet my friend.

Ian said...

What a patronising Bas@#rd I am.... sorry Clay, love your work.