Belated Blog Day

Casa de Aldo
Its been a while since I've managed to recommend a Blog, its not that there is a shortage of Blogs to recommend, I've just been busy OK! You got a problem with that BUB! ;)

Visit the blog of London based character animator Aldo, its tops.

Click the pics for the link


Lisa said...

doing more work for Liquid again Ian?

Ian said...

No just the two jobs so far, but its probably for the best I needed a break after the last one. But look who I'm complaining to, the hardest working animator in town.

Lisa said...

not the hardest working Ian, but thanks anyway :-) It's great that you put all this info up on this site, so don't worry if you don't get to it EVERY day. It's lovely how much you find already .

keep up the great work!!!

Ian said...

Don't believe her folks! (That is if anyone other than Lisa, Clay, Terry and I even read the comments) A little birdy just told me that Lisa just finished a stint of 80 hour weeks! 80 HOURS!!!!!!! FOR WEEKS IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!