the man who planted trees

WOW! I can't believe I just found this online. I haven’t seen this flick since I was studying, maybe Jane shows it in Film History these days, but I just had to post it. The work involved in this is staggering a full half hour of hand shaded animation, things shifting in perspective, and amazing transitions from one scen to the next, the mind boggles. Grab a cup of coco and settle in for some of the nicest animation you will ever lay eyes on.

Frederic Back the man who planted trees 1987


Lisa said...

well, I can truely say 'thankyou' , Ian, I haven't seen this film since Uni....and it's still one of my favourites. thanks for finding this magic little gem of a film. It must have been a labour of love

sbitstudent said...

My god that's beautiful. Jane never showed it to us but I wish she had. I wonder how long that took.

Lisa said...

yeah, I'd like to know that too..I might do a bit of research on this chap and find out. IT must have taken YEARRRRS if he did it by himself.

Ian said...

Hi Mia.
Its no fault of Janes if she hasn't shown it, my understanding is that its quite hard to find a copy of. I knew I'd seen it while studying but couldn't remember exacly where. If lisa remembers it then it must have been UNI.

Are you going to Grifith this coming year Mia?

Lisa said...

Yes, it definately was Uni. The film could have come from two places that I can think of then - the QCA library, or the Canberra Film Board. That's where that 16mm version of Yellow Submarine came from too, that we saw in 1st year.