SBIT Animation Rant 001

Well here is my first bash at a podcast! I'm chatting about some of the issues related to fitting 3D into a traditional course. Listening back to it I hope no-one get the idea that I didn't like this years end of year screening, in fact I think it was one of or even the best I've seen. Just thinking about how things can be improved as always.
If your an Ipodder you can subscribe to the podcast in Itunes, just goto the "advanced" menu and pick "subscribe to podcast", then copy and paist this ( into the window that opens. Or you can go to this link to visit the Odeo site and choose from a list of my podcasts (there is only one there at the moment).
Leave a comment if you feel so enclined.

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sophie said...

Hey turns out I do like listening better than reading :) nice musings and i'll look forward to hearing more.

Though i was taught at one of my jobs to say my name last when answering the phone because people latch onto the last thing they hear - so we'll probably all just go around thinking you're a poohead now :P