Happy Feet Overload!

I'm sure some of you are sick of hearing me babble on about Happy Feet, and I wasn't planning on posting any more about the movie until after I saw it around Xmas time, but this is just to good to miss. The New York Times has posted this awesome scene analysis where George Miller talks about how they worked out a sequence for the movie.
(click here or the pics to see it)
I like how he says that it was all inspired by reality and then extending it, one big "student issue" is that often after growing up watch heaps of cartoons on telli, all students want to do is make copies of other animation. Maybe this clip could be the inspiration for some great ideas amongst those of you about to start 2nd year. I think looking to reality and then trying to find a new way to look at it or extract from it is one of the best ways to come up with real original ideas.
Happy feet has had a real good opening week in the US, out performing the new James Bond film at the box office. This represents a new high for the animation industry in Australia, its the first time we have ever really held our own while competing at the very top end of the market. I wonder what is next for Animal Logic on the animated feature film front.

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